Syllabus Kindergarten Computer

Name: Shelley Coats
Room: Elementary Computer Lab
All Kindergarten computer students visit the computer lab. We meet twice a week for 30 minutes and learn about Computer Parts, Placement of Keys and their uses, Ethics, and Internet Safety. Students have access to the Internet to learn about the World Wide Web in addition to learning new computer skills. All students use a generic login and password.
Students will learn technology skills and will be able to use Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint in basic methods. Students will understand how to log on to a network with a generic user name and password and how to save their work to the server. Students will learn how to login the the computer, use its programs installed on the computer, as well as the internet. Students will learn how to open web pages and navigate to other pages from each web site.
S+ – Above Satisfactory
S – Satisfactory
S- – Below Satisfactory
N – Needs Improvement
U - Unsatisfactory

Each day students will recieve a maximum of 5 points daily based on cooperation, work ethic, behavior, correct keyboarding skills, and goals met.