1st & 2nd Grade Computers
Syllabus 1st & 2nd Computers
Name: Shelley Coats
Room: Elementary Computer Lab
E-mail: shelley.coats@k12.sd.us
All 1st & 2nd grade students visit the computer lab. We meet twice a week for 30 minutes and learn about Keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Ethics, and Internet Safety. Students have access to the Internet to learn about the World Wide Web in addition to learning new computer skills. All students have their own user name, password, and an individual assigned folder on the server to save their work.
Students will learn technology skills and will be able to use Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint in basic methods. Students will understand how to log on to a network with their own user name and password and how to save their work to the server. Students will gain an basic understanding of keyboarding with their fingers on the right keys and with correct posture. Students will have a working understanding of and be able to copy and paste pictures from the web to Microsoft Word documents or save the pictures for use later. Students will learn how to open web pages and navigate to other pages from each web site.
S+ – Above Satisfactory
S – Satisfactory
S- - Below Satisfactory
N – Needs Improvement
U - Unsatisfactory

Each day students will recieve a maximum of 5 points daily based on cooperation, work ethic, behavior, correct keyboarding skills, and goals met. Students will also be graded on individual projects.

In the first grade computer class students learn the parts of the computer, more advanced computer skills, and placement of fingers on the keyboard for correct typing skills.

The first and second grade computer classes will continue their work on typing skills as well as advancing their computer skills.

The 1st & 2nd Grade Class also did a unit on Internet Safety.

Students were encouraged to get a parent's permission before using the computer. Also they were reminded not to give personal information to anyone online. If they run across something or someone that makes them feel uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult. Along with this unit we also talked about not talking to strangers on the computer or off the computer. Some internet sites we used for this unit were: